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Newly released is Dr. Lori Koerner’s Actually, I Can. While definitions of leadership vary, Dr. Koerner defines leadership as three things; the choices you make, the relationships you establish, and of course, influence.


Actually, I Can is filled with inspirational stories of leadership and empowerment that remind us that it is not our titles or positions that make us leaders but our actions.


“Lori Koerner is a great new voice bringing insight, experience and humility to a much needed genre that requires the brightest of lights to be shined on it- women in leadership. Actually I Can is engaging, relatable and full of practical wisdom that both women and men can learn from. To quote the book, ‘To live a life filled with one’s highest choices and brightest outcomes, one should always continue to inspire and empower- and in turn…become inspired and empowered.’ This book is the ultimate guide in doing so.”

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