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Join Rosie, the world’s newest superhero, on her journey to build her Power of Positivity team! Rosie helps her friends learn how to change their words and their thinking to build their confidence and change their mindset. This story of acceptance, inspiration, and inclusivity helps children learn how to shift their inner dialogue from I can’t and I’m not to I Can and I Am.

Editorial Reviews
The only thing better than Dr. Koerner’s first book, Actually, I Can, would have to be a children’s book! Rosie and the Power of Positivity Team reminds us all what philosopher Rene Descartes taught in, ‘I think therefore I am.’ This is essential to the development of the confident human being. Dr. Koerner’s newest book offers the language to teach children - our most precious resource - just what that means.
- Athena Faranda, LMSW

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